Boris Johnson supported a ban on gay militants


The current British Prime Minister used to state that to his mind those people who opposed gay people joining the military forces were right with no doubt: “Across the country, there are many Tories who wish their party leadership would speak up more strongly against, say, gays in the military, or the cowing of the police by the Macpherson report, or the arrest of General Pinochet, or the impending abolition of the oath and the cap badge of the RUC [Royal Ulster Constabulary], or the abolition of the hereditary peers and foxhunting. They are, of course, right.” In the same article the current leader of the Conservative party also defended foxhunting and the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who tortured tens of thousands of people between 1973 and 1990. In the same article he agreed with the Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe (who is known in part for his profound homophobia) on his claims that the Labour Party was controlled by so-called gay gangsters. He also criticized the police for being too busy with racist hate crimes and child abuse in public schools to have caught the thieves who had stolen his bike.


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