Homophobic abuse: Woman followed around Co-op by teens


Homophobic teenagers can bring queer people to tears. This is exactly what happened to 38-years-old Lucy from Liverpool. Woman explained she was shopping at Co-op supermarket. 2 teenage girls between 14-16 years old came to her. They started screaming: ‘just look at this f**king dirty lesbo.’ It was not enough for them and they started follow Lucyaround the Co-op. They continued shouting abusive words. Fortunately, security guard noticed what happened and asked teenage girls to leave supermarket. However, it wasn’t the end. They decided to wait Lucyoutside. When woman went out from the supermarket, teens continued shouting homophobic abuse. It continued till the moment when Lucy reached her car. Lucy was shocked. She came home and started crying. She fears she can meet them again. According to the police, investigation is ongoing.


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