Jonathan Bennett was bullied at school


Mean Girls stardecided to share and post on his Instagram and tell the truth about his school years. Bennett posted a video of 16-years-old himself. He told how difficult school time he had. An actor explained that he has the only place at school when he felt himself safe. The thing is that he was already gay and faced homophobic bullying every day. Fortunately, school theatre was bit of refuge for him. In his post Bennett wrote: “Look at this guy, who leaves in fear every single day he comes to school just because he doesn’t fit in with his classmates”. Thing he experienced at school were horrible: he was constantly pushed into a locker, he was called a faggot and he faces everyday hate. Mean Girls star added he had to cry every night and it led to stomach ulcers. Looking back, he is so glad that he had a school theatre where he was accepted and supported. Now he is thankful for every person who has ever had anything to do with any theatre for giving safe place for kids like he was.


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