TikTok star tragically died in a freak accident


31-years-old TikTok star Roeurboat3 [Rochelle Hager] with almost 153,000 followers has tragically died in accident. It happened on the 30th of March. Hager was driving down a roadin Farmington in her 2015 Nissan Rogue. It was around 10 am. A pine tree branchfell onto Hager’s car top because of strong winds. According to the police, her neighbour saw the car and called them. Police said Hagerdead at the scene. Brittanie Lynn, Rochelle’s fiancée, shared a TikTok video with pictures when they were together. In such way she decided to confirm this tragic accident. Lynn wrote that Hager showed her what real love is and that she will love Hager forever. According to meteorologist, wind speeds reached up to 55 miles per hour that day. As a result, people were left without electricity.


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