Divorce: Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage


Here is an unexpected announcement: Dillon Passage (24) and Joe Exotic (58) are about to divorce. As we know, they were together even despite of that fact that Joe was jailed for a plot to kill Carole Baskin and of course for a multitude of animal abuses. But nothing lasts forever;Passage said they are now seeking a separation. He made this announcement on his Instagram. According to Passage, neither he nor Joe was expecting it. He also said they have good relations after that and hope to maintain it. Moreover, Passage promised to supportJoe Exoticwhile he undergoes further legal battles. He said he can’t cope with public attention he has after Tiger King was released. “This microscope is looming over me and I don’t want to explain to the world what occurs in my personal life,”Passage explained. Joe Exotic’s lawyer said they are working on options of separation and divorce.


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