Gay Tory says that it can be harder to reveal political views than sexuality


A gay Tory has joined the countless young Conservatives who liken the abuse they face for being Tories to homophobia and transphobia. Rhys Benjamin is a young gay Tory living in Brighton, a strongly left-wing constituency that’s known as the city with the highest rating of LGBT acceptance. He told the Sussex Tab that he is “constantly ostracized” by his peers who are relatively quiet when it comes to him being gay but they cannot handle a fact that he is a Tory. “As someone who is both [Tory and gay], on campus it’s much harder socially [to believe] in low taxation than it is to fancy men,” he said, while admitting that that’s not exactly the case in other parts of the country. “You end up having to paint two versions of yourself – one as a Conservative, one as a gay man. The two hardly ever overlap.” He went on saying that there are certain homophobic Tories but he does not want his party to be viewed from this perspective, because times change and the Conservatives have voted in favor of marriage equality.


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