Jo Swinson defends her voting record with supporting marriage equality


The leader of Liberal Democrats was grilled by BBC journalist Andrew O’Neill, who is known for his combative questioning style. Boris Johnson is the only major party leader who has not agreed to be interviewed by him in the wake of general election in the country. “So you’re proposing to scrap the bedroom tax,” he began. “Who voted nine times to introduce the bedroom tax? That would be you.” She admitted it was wrong, apologized and expressed regrets. He then raised the benefits cap and the health reforms that allow the NHS to be put out to private tender – both of which the Lib Dems are trying to get rid of, though Swinson used to vote for it when it was first introduced. “Well, we’re setting out what our plan is for the future. We did spend five years in a coalition government where clearly we didn’t win every battle against the Conservatives,” she said on it. Swinson then gives several examples of the ‘battles’ her party fought and won against the Conservatives, citing the introduction of same-sex marriage in 2013.


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