Russell Marsom murder: Police issue fresh plea


Unfortunately, there are so many murders police cannot solve for years. This is exactly the case. Police hopes LGBT community helps them to solve the death of who was found dead 25 years ago. 28 March was the day of 25th anniversary of Russell Marsom’s death. This man (who was 29) was found killed in a water-filled ditch nit far from Cambridge. It happened on the 31st of March 1996. Marsom had a hairdressing business in his village Heacham. Sometimes he went to Cambridge to take part in LGBT nightlife. Police states he has travelled to Cambridge for party on the 31st of March 1996. His body later was found by a dog walker. According to a post-mortem examination, Marsom had drowned. The thing is wasn’t determined how it has happened. Police didn’t find killer and now they hope people could help them. Police hopes there are people who have been too afraid in 1996, but now they already can chare some information. In such way, police hopes for justice for Russell Marsom and his family.


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