Tennessee bill would force businesses to signpost trans-inclusive bathrooms


According to a new Tennessee billHB 1182, local businesses are forced to post signs for notifying their customers allowing trans people to use bathrooms. Since 29th of March businesses have to put up notices that will let “either biological sex” member to use bathrooms. HB 1182 demands that any private or public business should post such notices at the entrance of their restrooms. Moreover, Tim Rudd, Republican congressman who proposed it, wants businesses make one more post saying that their facility maintains a policy that allows using bathrooms by either biological sex. According to Rudd, this bill has a goal to protect kids and women against sexual predators. Moreover, Rudd explained HB 1182was not aimed at trans people. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is sure HB 1182 is part of “slate of hate”.Tennessee discusses also anotheranti-trans bathroom bill that will allow cisgender students to sue a school they visit in case when they will be forced to share restrooms with trans students.


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