Irish women became the first same-sex couple with both recognized as parents


Niamh O’Sullivan and Geraldine Rea from Ireland became the first queer couple in country in the history that was recognized as parents legally from their children’s birth. It became possible thanks The Child and Family Relationships Act from the 5th of May 2020. This Act commenced officially 6 years ago [2015], but it took year to make everything possible.The Act allows couples like Niamh O’Sullivan and Geraldine Rea to be named as legal parents on birth certificates. It is possible for parents who used fertility clinic. This recognition gives couple a lot of advantages; either one of them can give permissions at school or give medical consent. Geraldine Reagave birth to their twin girls 7 weeks ago; Réidín and Aoibhín. Women are happy to be finally legally recognized. “It makes our life a little bit easier,” Geraldine explained.


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