Jordan: Bisexual asylum faces ‘certain death’


A bisexual asylum seekerSamer can face deportation to Jordan. But it this deportation is a real horror for a man. According to his lawyers, Samer faces “certain death” in Jordan. A man lives currently in Canada. He should be deported today because a plea for leniency failed. Sameris scared. The thing is that his family member from Jordan said him before if he returns, they burn him to death or throw him off a building. A man also said that his family knows even what time today he’s going to be deported, so there is no way to escape and he’s facing death. Samer lived in the USA 13 years before he decided to move to Canada 2009. But this decision wasn’t only his wish to change the country; his electronic store in Ohio was robbed; a gang shot at the store and it was vandalized with racist messages.Samer was sure it will be safe in Canada, but it became worst. A man has no right for asylum because of criminal conviction in the USA; when he was 18, he was convicted of vehicular homicide after car accident. Lawyer still hopes Samer’s deportation can be prevented by authorities.


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