Poland’s ‘first rainbow roundabout’ comes as a message to the government


Nestled between a puppet theatre and a park, residents of a town in Poland might see the country’s “first rainbow roundabout” to show solidarity with the queer Polish in the wake of the extremely homophobic policies held by the country’s government. In what has become a clear symbol of solidarity with the queer community, a Szczecin local has launched a petition to introduce the rainbow symbol of support to their LGBT co-habitants in the center of the city. Nearly 300 residents of the northwestern city have already dotted their names on the petition which calls for a “joyful, colorful” roundabout inspired by the LGBT+ Pride flag to “enliven the city”. The petition pitches the roundabout to be built in the Śródmieście-Północ neighborhood, speckled with museums, college campuses and upmarket cafés. “This will be first roundabout of tolerance in Poland,” explained the leading petitioner Mateusz Cyrulewski.


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