Ukrainian police intervenes trans rights parade to prevent violence


Trans rights groups in Ukraine celebrated a milestone as the Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil in the country did not end with a massive assault. But it still does not mean there were no attempts. Kyiv police surrounded a square in the capital city as dozens of trans folk and allies came out in solidarity with the victims of transphobic attacks in their country and around the world. Other than the odd egg tossed by passersby, the event, organized by Trans* Generation and Insight, was “successful”, activists proclaimed, estimating that around 100 people showed. In the lead-up to the vigil, human rights organizations expressed weary olive branches to Kyiv law enforcement, asking to ensure the safety of the marchers. The outcome was a striking contrast to last year’s vigil, when police failed to shield those participating in a similar march from transphobic attacks. According to witnesses and photographs, some arrests of far-right individuals were made during the vigil.


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