Elizabeth Warren is a leading Democrat candidate according to the poll


Elizabeth Warren is the top choice for LGBT+ voters as the democratic presidential candidate to the next election, YouGov poll states, according to the reports by Out. The online survey asked 816 LGBT+ people who were likely to vote in the 2020 presidential election, and 31 percent said that Ms Warren is their favorite Democrat to vote for. Warren came out far ahead of her rivals for the nomination in the survey, and was followed by Senator Bernie Sanders (18 percent), former Vice President Joe Biden (16 percent) and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (14 percent). Respondents also felt that Warren is the most likely to win Democratic Primaries and to challenge the current POTUS in the 2020 general election, viewing from the perspective of LGBT voters. Alissa Stollwerk, the vice president of YouGov Blue, told Out that Warren’s popularity among LGBT+ voters was “probably reflective of the fact that the LGBTQ+ voters in this survey identify as much more liberal than the Democratic primary electorate writ large.”


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