Gus Kenworthy was qualified for his next and last Olympics


The gay skier has been known as an American athlete and he won a silver medal for the USA during the latest Olympics. But qualifying for 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing (which he claims to be the last Olympics in his sport career) he decided to switch the tracks and to represent the UK. It is possible because the sportsman is half British-half American. He grew up in the USA, his father’s native land, although he was born in the UK and his mom raised him not only as a good person and athlete, but as British patriot too.”[My mom] has been my #1 fan for my entire life and has proudly stood at the bottom of the mountain waving the stars and stripes in support of me for two Olympic cycles. Now, in what is sure to be my last Olympic appearance, I’d like to return the honor by proudly holding up the British flag for her,” says the skier. He is not going to disappear from the radars after the Olympics, as he is an aspiring actor.


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