Nosebleedfitz ‘blown away’ because of fans


Do you know the best way to make your idol happier? All you have to do is to donate money. This is exactly what Nosebleedfitz’ fans decided to do. The all united to donate £20,000 for gender transition fund of their favourite TikTok star. 19-years-old Nosebleedfitz is also known as Bella Misandria Wardle Fitzpatrick. She came out as trans in February two years ago. Since that time Nosebleedfitz shows her journey with her 550,000 TikTok followers. She decided to create GoFundMe hoping people help her to pay for her transition procedures. Unexpectedly, her followers had done it under three months after creating GoFundMe page. After Nosebleedfitz realized her fans made her dream came true, she offered a “big fat f**king thank you” to people who did it. Her transition process has already begun.


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