Coming out can discredited iLoveMakonnen


Coming out can easily discredit celebrities. This s exactly what happened to iLoveMakonnen whose real name is Makonnen Sheran. He became famous after collaboration with Drake by recording a song “Tuesday” in 2014. iLoveMakonnen came out 4 years ago. It took 4 years for him to be ready to open up about what he felt and how has it affected his career. He decided to share posts last week where he questioned why celebrities have been discredited after they came out. iLoveMakonnen said it was not easy for him after coming out; people discredited his music. Moreover, they were sure a decided to come out just because of promotional reasons. However, he said it was quite the opposite. Sheran understood it will piss many people off. iLoveMakonnen doesn’t understand hip hop community because it loves fashion brands created by gay men but doesn’t want to accept people who came out.


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