Gay couple unexpectedly become dads


Crazy thing happen sometimes and your life changes completely. This is exactly a story of gay couple from New York. Pete Mercurio and Danny Stewart just had to meet for a date that day. But something went wrong. Danny Stewart was on his way and unexpectedly found a “baby doll” nestled not far from subway station. It happened on the 28th of August 20 years ago (2000). Stewart was sure it’s only a baby, but when he looked back he noticed that “doll’s” leg started moving. Stewartcalled the police and this baby was taken away. Stewart was sure it’s over. But the life changes after he has to testify in court about finding the baby. Judge asked Stewart if he would be interested in adopting. Stewarthad never considered it before. But the thing is that he felt connection to this baby. His partner Mercurio didn’t understand it first, but later he agreed. A babe was already with parents for Christmas and they named him Kevin.


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