Trans girl brutally stabbed to death in Brazil


Nobody doesn’t stop to kill trans people in Brazil. Another victim is 16-yers-old trans teenager Pietra Valentina from Ceará. He was stabbed to death. It happened in the morning on the 5th of April in front of her school (Pereira Expedito Tabellion School) in Juazeiro do Norte. Someone killed her with a knife. Stranger stabbed Valentina 15 times. Military police and state police united to find a killer but National Public Security Force didn’t reveal any details connecting with deathcircumstances. Since this year began, there are already two trans victims; Keron Ravach and Pietra Valentina. Activists united to plead that trans youth deserve to live. The first victim was punched to death. Keron was only 13 years old. According statistics, Ceará is one of the states with the highest number of murders. Last year was the deadliest years in history; trans people were murdered every two days.


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