Key figure of landmark Supreme Court case reveals his feelings about it


Gerald Bostock, who is at the center of a US Supreme Court battle on LGBT+ rights, has spoken about what it was like to be left jobless because of his sexuality. The former child welfare worker from Clayton County, Georgia, is one of three plaintiffs at the SCOTUS case trying to figure out whether it should be legal to fire employees because they are LGBT+. In a video, he explained: that it was his dream job and he loved to do what he did, but a decision to join a gay softball league cost him career. And it was one of the most painful losses in his life, if not to consider the moment when he received a terminal diagnosis. “I believe in our judicial system, and what that building stands for. I am optimistic that we’re going to make a difference here and that the justices will make the right decision. No one should go to work fearful of losing their job because of who they are how they identify or who they love,” he concluded his speech.


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